How Thin Cement to Use For a 2 Post Car Lift


There are some things to consider when determining how thick cement to use for a 2-post-car lift. The thickness should be at least 4 inches. You should also consider the type of concrete used for the lift. Below are some guidelines. Visit to learn more. Approximately 3,000 psi is the recommended thickness. Regardless of the height of the car lift, there is a minimum depth requirement for the floor.

4 inches

To install a two-post car lift, you must ensure that your foundation is solid enough to support the columns. Most manufacturers recommend 6 to 12 inches of concrete depth and a PSI of 3000. Then, prepare the ground by spraying water onto the form. If your ground is dry, you can spread rebar wiring on the bottom of the concrete form. Once this is done, you can pour four inches of cement on the base and install the car lift.

When installing a two-post car lift, you should make sure to place four inches of reinforced concrete slab on your foundation. In order to get the best lift performance, you should check the slab for thickness and strength. You can ask your car lift distributor or building architect to give you specific recommendations. A four-inch slab will generally be sufficient for a two-post lift. However, a four-post lift requires more concrete to handle the weight of the car.

3,000 psi

A concrete slab for a 2-post car lift is a critical element for securing your car lift. You will need to dig holes at least 4.25″ deep and up to 12″ wide to accommodate two individual piers. Once your slab is ready for installation, you can secure it by pouring concrete into the holes. Be sure to follow all manufacturer’s requirements and specifications for the slab, because these can vary significantly.

To install a car lift, it’s imperative to make sure your floor has enough strength to support the columns. Depending on the manufacturer, this usually means a concrete slab that’s six to twelve inches thick with a PSI of at least 3000. However, some manufacturers recommend a thicker slab in order to accommodate a specific weight requirement. In general, there are two types of concrete slabs: traditional slab on grade (SOG) and post-tension cable (PTC).

Pre-existing floor requirements

When purchasing a two-post car lift, it is important to understand its requirements and what it requires for a concrete floor. A slab that is at least four inches thick and has a maximum 3,000-psi strength rating is usually enough. Nonetheless, it is wise to consult with a building architect or car lift distributor to determine what type of floor thickness is appropriate for your facility. While a four-post car lift requires a six-inch-thick floor, it’s still a good idea to consider the thickness of your existing floor.

Generally, a 2 post car lift requires a floor that is strong enough to support the columns. A slab should have at least six to twelve inches of depth and a PSI of three thousand. In addition, it needs to be level and not sloped. Before installation, unpack the lift and remove all packing materials. Make sure to check each component against the parts list. It is also a good idea to lay the foundation for the lift before you install it.

Pre-existing slab thickness

The pre-existing slab thickness for a two-post car lift is critical for proper installation. Before installing the lift, it is essential to evaluate the concrete slab and ensure it is 4.25″ thick. The concrete must also have a 3-degree slope and be cured for 28 days. The concrete must also have a Comprehensive Strength of 3,000 psi. This is the recommended thickness for the slab.

Before installing the lift, it is essential to check whether the existing slab is deep enough to support the load. If it is not, the lift may not perform as expected, resulting in property and personal injuries. Before installing a lift, you should hire a licensed engineer in your area to make sure the slab thickness is adequate. A typical two post car lift should be able to accommodate approximately 150 kg.