How Plumbers Unclog Drains

If you’ve ever wondered how plumbers unclog drains, you’re not alone. If your water is discolored, your sink doesn’t drain quickly, or you hear a rumbling noise from the wall when the water is running, you’re not alone. Click the link to learn more. We have plumbers in our San Fernando Valley office who are certified and licensed in a wide range of plumbing skills.

Hydro jetting

Plumbing companies use hydro jetting to clear clogged pipes and sewer lines. This powerful water jet has the strength to break up even the toughest clogs. However, if not performed properly, it can cause damage to your pipes. For this reason, you should hire an experienced plumber to hydro jet your pipes. Read on to learn more about the benefits of hydro jetting. Here are some of them.

Before hydro jetting, your plumber must first make sure that the blockage is causing the plumbing system to fail. A minor clog can become a major hazard if you don’t act quickly. However, by hydro jetting, you can prevent a bigger problem from arising. Hydro jetting is also useful in new homes, because it can identify potential pipe issues and prevent future clogs from forming inside. Many homeowners tend to use liquid drain cleaners to unclog their pipes. While they work well in the short term, these products can cause cracks in pipes.

Drum machines

Plumbing companies use different types of drain cleaning machines to unclog drains. One type of machine is the drum machine. This type of machine is used to unclog drains by rotating a cable which is a solid core cable that works on 1/2 to 3-inch pipes. This machine is portable and has built-in straps for carrying. The drum can be interchanged with a different cable by changing the coiled cable.

The main advantage of the drum machine is its speed. Compared to other types of machines, it spins the cables at a lower RPM. The operator can use both hands while operating this machine because it spins while keeping one hand on the cable. However, this machine is very dangerous to operate because it may still spin even after the power is turned off. Therefore, it is recommended that only experienced technicians use the drum machine. These machines are available in various sizes, from small drains to large municipal drain lines.

Digital camera

A plumber may use a digital camera to unclog a drain if he or she suspects a pipe is clogged. This equipment is similar to the drain snake plumbers use to find clogs and breaks. Its cable can move through the bends and turns of the pipe and can provide the plumber with information on the nature of the clog. It can also be used to determine the proper nozzle for unclogging a drain.

In addition to inspecting a sewer line with a video camera, plumbers can use it to locate broken pipes and repair them. These tools are also helpful in assessing new homes, as they can show the plumbing technician what the home has been missing. Plumbing technicians can use the video camera to pinpoint problems, such as tree root invasion. Using a camera to look into a pipe can help a plumber determine the exact cause of a clog and determine how much it will cost to fix it.


A drain snake is common tool plumbers in San Fernando Valley use to clear clogged drains. These snakes can reach a distance of about 150 feet and are a great choice for more difficult blockages. They work by moving down the pipes until they find the clog and then are set to drill into it. If the clog is further down the pipe, a hydro-jetting machine will be needed.

In some cases, a drain snake or a plunger can remove the clog. In some cases, the water pressure from the main sewer line is enough to remove the clog. The plumbing code requires plumbers to install clean-out fittings every time the pipes change direction. If a clog occurs at the clean-out fitting, use pliers or a wrench to loosen it.

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